New login system provider: Auth0

I’ve implemented Auth0’s login system into my website. You’ll still have access to your old account, but with the following benefits:

  • A modern-looking and intuitive UI
  • Multi-website login (if in the future I create another website and/or app that requires users to sign-in, you won’t need to create a separate account for that service)
  • Extra level of enterprise protection. Even though I try to make my best to protect my website and your data (emails, passwords, etc.) I’m just an individual and that has some restrictions talking about security. Auth0 has support for anti-bot protection and IP ban
  • Both support for Google and Microsoft social login
  • …and much more!

However, there are some problems that this new login system has. The main ones are:

  • You can’t have a registered (not social) account at and link it with a social one.
  • To get back from the login system if you don’t want to login you’ll need to use the “go back” button in your browser.
  • Deleting your account isn’t as easy as it was in the previous sign-in system. I’ll explain that in detail in a (near) future post. Update: now you can delete your account! Go to my support page and learn how to do it.

All of my services and privileges for registered users are the same as it was before.

I hope you like the new sign-in system. If you have any concerns, please post a comment below or contact me at Thanks!

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