Added support tickets for registered users

Note: this feature is currently in public beta, and it may be subject to changes without prior notice. The feature could also be removed if it doesn’t satisfy my or my user’s needs.

Some few months ago, I migrated from a slow server to a faster one. Even though this change was great and I don’t regret it, there is a feature that has been a bit useless with this change: user accounts.

Previously, registered users could have access to Google Drive powered downloads, to remove the 1 MB/s limit of my previous server. However, with the newer one this feature was no longer required, hence this feature was removed.

Up to now, the only benefit that registered users had over regular users was that they could post public comments on posts I make. But that was all. So today, I decided to change that by adding a new member-only feature: support tickets.

Registered users can now open support tickets, so that they can have an organized form to contact me, instead of a basic Google Forms form. Bye Google! Also, you can attach screenshots, set ticket priority and much more! Just like many professional platforms do.

But what about unregistered users? Since I am currently testing this feature, previous contact methods will remain. However, when I make the switch (if I end up doing it) to the new platform, the current contact form and emails will be removed from the website. The contact form will be replaced by a “Submit feedback” one (just like Google does).

However, you may think that I’m a hypocrite, because I said in my previous post that basic support should be for everyone, not just paid users. First of all, accounts are free and can be deleted in any moment without needing to contact me. Secondly, my email addresses (and feedback form) will continue to offer basic support, but I may be very slow to respond (1-4 weeks). Lastly, if you really need advanced support and you can’t use register for any reason (ie. you want to be anonymous, you dislike Auth0/Cloudflare, etc.), you can send me an email to admin [-at-] lumito (dot) net explaining your reason, and if it is convincing, I will assist you like if you were a registered user.

To sum up, the reason of this change is to increase the number of registered user at my website, by providing a professional contact option for them. I desperately need more visits (and users) on my website, and I’m not monetizing them, so I think is fair to ask for a registration if you want a faster response and better support for my products.

If you want to give them a try, just visit the support section as a registered users and you’ll see two new buttons at the top of the body content: one for opening a support ticket and another of viewing (and updating) your existing ones.

Have a nice day!

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  1. I would like to thank Awesome Support for their excelent free support plugin for WordPress. Keep it up!

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