Website maintenance finished

The website maintenance has finished and now is safer and better than never. Here are the main changes: Updated PHP to version 7.4.11 Updated WordPress plugins Improved Cloudflare speed and security (enabled HTTP/3) Renewed SSL certificate. Hope you enjoy my website!

Site under maintenance

The website is currently under maintenance, so you may see many 5xx errors while browsing here. It will only take up to two days. Thanks for your patience.

Developing new tool: MakeDisk

Yes, I am currently developing my next big tool: MakeDisk. It will be a ISO/floppy/Virtual Hard Disk cli. Is currently on early development process, but I hope that this tool gets released in a few weeks. Meanwhile, check my downloads page and GitHub for more tools. Hope you enjoy my […]

New improved downloads page.

Today, I have improved the appearance of the downloads website ( with an utility called Directory Lister. I also have made a few modifications to its code (configurations and icons) to improve your experience while downloading. A HUGE thanks to all the creators and collaborators of the Directory Lister project. […]

Released OpenSSH for Windows – Installer 8.1

A few days ago, I finally released the first version of OpenSSH for Windows – Installer. This program is: A setup wizard for x64 and x86 systems (x86 is not tested yet) A modern OpenSSH version for a Windows OS Fully tested with various Windows 10 systems An old setup […]

Added Cloudflare to the website

I have recently added Cloudflare protection to the website, so you may experience faster load times and new SSL certificates! Hope you like it!

Released Nuget Installer 1.00

You probably know what NuGet is. NuGet is a package manager specially designed for developers, which can be downloaded through NuGet’s official website: When you visit the downloads section, you will see the portable versions of NuGet and the VSIX files for old versions of Microsoft Visual Studio. But […]

Released BuildXL Installer

Recently, in collaboration with William Kent (, I have released an installer for Microsoft BuildXL. BuildXL (also known as Microsoft Build Accelerator) is a build engine developed to perform lots of builds at the same time (Microsoft says that you can run 30,000+ builds per day). Currently is under development […]