HNSDNS: A Handshake DNS resolver and nameserver

For the past two months, I’ve been actively building a real Handshake DNS resolver and public nameservers, since I didn’t find any good ones out there.

First of all, what is Handshake?

Handshake is a blockchain and an alternative DNS that aims to decentralize the domain root zone (which is currently controlled by ICANN), so that any one can register a top-level domain (TLD), like .lumito.

However, the current DNS system is not compatible with Handshake domains, so a “bridge” is needed to access them. On the other hand, Handshake is backwards-compatible with the current DNS system. There are two main ways to main ways to access Handshake sites: HDNS and Fingertip.

HDNS is a bit “shady”, because it says that lets you browse Handshake sites, but it only lets you access Namebase sites, skiping the blockchain.

Fingertip works perfectly, and is the recommended solution for everyone trying to access Handshake sites. The main issue: it needs to be run on a computer. You can’t run it on a mobile phone, tablet, server, etc.

Furthermore, when I registered my first Handshake domain (.lumito), I had a bad time searching for nameservers to use. Namebases’s nameservers work fine for basic purposes, but don’t support HTTPS-enabled sites. And any other DNS provider I found had some important issues: lack of IPv6 support, no DNSSEC/DANE (HTTPS), relies on regular ICANN domains, etc.

For those reasons, I decided to create my own Handshake DNS resolver and nameserver: HNSDNS.

HNSDNS is a real Handshake DNS resolver (resolves 100% of Handshake domains, not just Namebase domains), with full IPv4 and IPv6 support, ENS (Impervious domains) support and even DoH! Also, it offers ready-to-use Handshake nameservers, with full IPv4 and IPv6 support, DNSSEC/DANE capable, and more!

Also, it has 100% full PC, phone, tablet, IoT, server, router, …, support.

So, if you interested in learning more and/or pointing your DNS servers to HNSDNS, please check

Thanks a lot for using my software and services!

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