OpenSSH for Windows – Installer

OpenSSH for Windows – Installer is a setup wizard for a modern Windows version of OpenSSH.

Currently, is the most famous project I have done.

If you want to try it, please download the installer through the following buttons:

NuGet Installer

NuGet Installer is a command-line (and now also a GUI) installer for NuGet package manager.

NuGet is a popular package manager specially designed for developers. The problem is that there is not an installable version of the package manager.

So I decided to create this tool: An installer and uninstaller that downloads and installs the latest version of NuGet package manager into your system.

You can download NuGet Installer through this buttons:

BuildXL Installer

BuildXL Installer is an installer for the Microsoft Build Accelerator (BuildXL).

BuildXL is a build engine developed to perform lots of builds at the same time (Microsoft says that you can run 30,000+ builds per day).

If you are interested, you can visit the project website here.

8GadgetPack Icon Changer

8GadgetPack Icon Changer is a program that changes the original 8GadgetPack Icon with the Windows 7’s one. If you do not know what is 8GadgetPack, please visit it’s home page here.

Java Compiler Collection (JCC)

Java Compiler Collection is a tool that install in your computer three Java compiler: Maven, Gradle and Ant. It’s useful because you can use them from any place without needing to copy them to your working directory.

Program Overflow

Lumito’s Program Overflow is a program that makes lots of copies of it into C:\ProgramOverflow folder, so you can later run them (obviously in a Virtual Machine) and test it’s durability and… destroy it! You can download it by clicking the button below.

More software coming soon…