URL shortener

I offer a free URL shortener powered by YOURLS. To short an URL, go to link.lumito.net and introduce the full URL you would like to short. You can also create a custom link with that URL. Finally, click the shorten button to generate the short URL

Online tools (deprecated)

I offer a big set of hash and cryptography online tools in our website. There, you can get the hash of a text, of a file and encode or decode text using Base32 and Base64. There are also tools to encrypt or decrypt URLs and HTML.

To access this services, visit onlinetools.lumito.net or click on the button below.

HTML RSA encryptor and decryptor (deprecated)

Gmastergreatee (on GitHub) published a free RSA encryptor and decryptor, written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, I’ve modified it to make it safer and I it will be only available for download.

To download it, please click on the button below.