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(Almost) all of the software published on this website is open source, so you can view the source code of the program you download. Source codes are published on GitHub. By clicking on the image above, you will be redirected to my GitHub profile.

Security and updated

Security is very important for me, so every file uploaded to this server will be scanned with VirusTotal. Also I frequently update my software, so if you visit my website every few days, you will get updates for your programs. For more information about updates and security, you can view my blog (with releases and news) by clicking on the image above.


I offer lots of online services in my website and I am currently adding new services to it. I add them when I have got some free time! You can see all the servicies available on my website by clicking on the image above.

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Released avr-gcc 11-20210501

As promised, here is a new build. It is mainly a bugfix release, but it has new features and changes: avr-gcc 11-20210501 instead of 11.1.0. I’ll build snapshots from now for the stable branch Removed Read more…

Released avr-gcc 11.1.0

It’s ALIVE!!!!!!! Today I’m proud to announce the new release of avr-gcc. It comes with this features: GCC 11.1.0 (stable will now be on GCC 11.x instead of 10.x) GDB 10.2 (this was unexpected) Using Read more…

1st year!

In April 10, 2020, I published my first commit on my GitHub personal account. And a year ago, I have 13 repos in my personal account, a website and three subs (thx to mrHeavenli, hollaatyaboy Read more…

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