Added .onion (Tor) websites for and

TL;DR – No, this is not illegal. I will never upload something illegal on purpose on this website. This is just for fun and to protect Tor user’s privacy.

I’ve recently added .onion sites for some of my services. For the people that doesn’t know what I’m meaning, .onion websites are special websites that are only accessible via Tor. In a nutshell, they are much more private than regular domains and both visitor’s and server’s IP addresses are anonymous. In my case, I host my .onion websites in the same server as my main site, so it’s not anonymous for me, but visitors will remain so.

As of June 10, 2022, I have two .onion domains (only accessible via Tor):

I also have many subdomains with both of them. A sitemap of the two domains is available through the first .onion site. Also, the domains are very new, so you may encounter some errors while connecting to them for the first days. Furthermore, you can verify that the domains are official because they start with lumi + net/dev, so the first one will be for some subdomains hosted on, and the second one, for domains hosted on my newly

To sum up, I’ve also enabled the Onion-Location header for onion-enabled sites, so when you visit a site via Tor that has a .onion alternative, you may see a purple alert indicating that there’s an .onion site available for this website.

I hope you liked this a lot and thanks for using my software and services!

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