I’ve opened the ‘my account’ page for general availability, so that everyone can register in this website. For now, registered users can post comments in my blog posts and will be able to view some ‘secret’ sections of future posts, but I’ll be adding more features over the time.

Obviously, spamming and abusing are not allowed, and I have the rights to remove any post without needing any explanation (however, I’ll usually contact the comment author).

I’ve also created an account deletion form in the support page. This will be visible for users only and not for the general visitor.

Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to post them below or contact me through the support page.

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A junior open-source developer on GitHub (github.com/LumitoLuma) and owner of this website (www.lumito.net). His favorite programming language is C++, followed by C, C# and Java.


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