Released avr-gcc 8.5.0-1

Although this build was originally done to fix a bug in the compiler, it ended being a huge update to the legacy releases.

The following changes/additions have been done:

  • Removed flex package from the script to remove the unnecessary dependency
  • Used avr-libc-2.0.0svn instead of avr-libc 2.0.0
  • Added support for the following 11 devices (FINALLY!):
    • ATmega168PB
    • ATmega324PB
    • ATmega328PB
    • ATmega808
    • ATmega809
    • ATmega1608
    • ATmega1609
    • ATmega3208
    • ATmega3209
    • ATmega4808
    • ATmega4809*

(The asterisk (*) means that the device has been tested)

Soon I’ll build a new release of the AVR-GCC stable (11) branch with support for all this devices. Now the full ATmega series of MCUs is supported by this compiler.

In the next build: full support for the ATtiny collection!

You can download this build by clicking on the button below.

Hope you like it!

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