Finally, a new release of OpenSSH for Windows.

Changes from the previous release:

OpenSSH for Windows 8.2p1OpenSSHforWindows-Installer 8.1
Product nameOpenSSH for WindowsOpenSSHforWindows-Installer
OpenSSH version8.2 (8.2p1)8.1 (8.1p1)
LibreSSL version3.
Register servicesOptionalForced

You can download OpenSSH for Windows through the downloads page here.

Additional notes:

OpenSSHforWindows-Insaller 8.1 was released at August 29, 2020, but compiled source code is from December 18, 2019. This release, OpenSSH for Windows 8.2p1 was published at March 4, 2021 and its source code was compiled (by me) at April 29, 2020. That means that this release is much newer and safer than the previous one.

Hope you enjoy OpenSSH for Windows 8.2p1!

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