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Due to recent announcements in Bintray (more info), I will now provide a mirror through the IPFS network. This is great since:

  • It hasn’t got bandwith limit
  • It hasn’t got storage limit
  • It’s faster than my “snail” server

But also, it depends on its nodes, so it may not be available 24/7 and download speed may vary a lot.

I will not upload files to Bintray anymore.

You can access my mirror service by clicking or typing the link below. It will redirect you to website with a suspicious-looking URL, but don’t worry, it’s save.

URL: https://ipfs.lumito.net/

My IPNS download server hash is:


You may also want to know how to run an IPFS node.

Hope you like it!

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A junior open-source developer on GitHub (github.com/LumitoLuma) and owner of this website (www.lumito.net). His favorite programming language is C++, followed by C, C# and Java.

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Lumito · March 20, 2021 at 4:54 PM

IPFS didn’t work as I thought. It is no longer maintained. I am currently looking for a new mirror service.

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