Released avr-gcc 10.2.0-1

Finally released a new version of avr-gcc. This new version has the following fixes/updates/improvements:

  • Updated Binutils from 2.35.1 to 2.36.1
  • Updated avr-libc to commit b3916fc (fork)
  • Fixed avr-man. Now it displays man docs (man needs to be installed).
  • Custom version page branding: now displays AVR-{program name} instead of only {program name}
  • Better compressed files (specially for Linux ones)
  • Improved (Linux) and now it auto-deletes when it completes its process
  • Now Make and AVRDUDE aren’t included in the archives. They need to be downloaded separately
  • Other minor fixes

You can download this release in the original post.

Thanks for choosing my software!

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